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9/11 Pentagon (englisch)

Introduction into the official version:
On 9/11 in 2001 a Boeing 757 of American Airlines (flight Nr. AA77) was hijacked during the flight from Washington D.C. (Dulles Airport) to Los Angeles and crashed into the south-west-wing of the Pentagon. 19 minutes after the attack and after a fire had broken out the first floor of the building collapsed. Result of the terror attack: 125 people were killed inside the building. Furtheron 59 passengers and crew members and 5 terrorists came to death. This is the official story of the Pentagon attack.

What I believe:
The Pentagon was hit by a rocket of a Global Hawk and not by a commercial airplane!

Start your own investigation by watching a movie of WDR. It was the best video that had ever been taken about 9/11.
Unfortunately it is only available in german language but nevertheless.... ( deleted ) ( deleted ) ( deleted )

Take this one:
Aktienzeichen 11.9. Ungelöst-Lügen und Wahrheit zum 11.September 2001 "2/3" / Quelle WDR
Videoposition 12:19: Seconds after the attack, You will not see any wing and not even a fuselage of a Boeing 757. This gets documented by a photo taken from a nearby hotel. You see only a small hole.

Unfortunately the german WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) did not give me the permission to publish a very enligthening picture on my homepage. The first three videos above on this site have already been removed.
Background information:
The FBI succeeded to confiscate most of the videos taken by surveillance cameras soon after the attack. But one picture, that was taken immediately after the attack from a nearby hotel got through. On this picture not a single trace of an aircraft Boeing 757 is visible. One has to be an idiot to believe the official story.
By the way: You see, that all the street lamps are still standing. On pictures taken later, You can see, that they are all destroyed. The official story wants to tell us, that the street lamps got destroyed by the approaching Boeing 757 in a low altitude flight on the last meters. They were demolished afterwards.
This was CNN live on 9/11. This was an honest man
"A Cruise Missile with wings" A testimony of the events on 9/11:
Lt. Col Karen Kwiatkowsi PhD was a former co-worker in the staff of the directors of the NSA (National Security Agency) On 9/11 when flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon she was working in the function of a political-military-officer in the office of the Defense Secretary of the Pentagon.

She wrote:
„There was lack of debris on a relatively intact meadow, where I had been standing in the minutes after the impact. Apart from of a strange lack of aircraft debris, there had not been visible those signs of that kind of damage at the structure of the Pentagon, one had to expect after the impact of a big airplane.

Also the Defense Secretary might have been aware of the visible evidence, or the lack of this evidence, who made an undesired mistake, when he spoke of a missile in reference of the aircraft, that had crashed into the Pentagon. The minister also spoke in the public of flight Nr 93 as of an aircraft, that had been shot down. The aircraft, that allegedly crashed nearby Shanksville in Pennsylvania. Rumsfeld! ( unfortunately deleted )

I did not see something of importance at the place of the impact, no debris of the plane, or no luggage had been hurled on the meadow in front of the damaged building, while smoke was coming out of the Pentagon...All of us, who stared on this morning onto the Pentagon, were looking for this kind of debris, but what we expected to see was not visible.

The same with the damage that we expected to see. But I did not see something of this kind of damage. Instead, the facade had a rather small hole, not larger than about 6 meters...
Although the facade collapsed later, it remained for about 30 – 40 minutes, the roof was rather intact.

The scenery, told in short terms, was not that, what I had expected to see after the impact of such a large jet.. But it was exactly that what would had been expected in the case of a rocket would had crashed into the Pentagon....
More informations are necessary about that, what refers to the events of 9/11 and about the circumstances that led to this dreadful day“. (Karen Kwiatkowski)

Bildquelle rechte Seite: public domain

To understand the different roles of the CIA and the DIA, it is necessary to read this chapter always together with the chapter „Conclusio 9/11“. The whole coherences are much too complex, to understand them at once. Because the work of thousands of hours, that were necessary to establish this homepage, can not get argued with a few words. One has to grow with this theme. I cannot expect, that this AHA-Effect appears after reading within a few hours.

First of all, we have to ask some basic questions:
Which one of the about 16 secret services in the United States is the most powerful one?
Is it the CIA ( Central Intelligence Agency, former chief Georg Tenet)?
Is it the DIA ( Defense Intelligence Agency, former secretary of Defense and therefore chief of the Pentagon Donald Rumsfeld) ?
Is it the NSA ( Technical Secret Service for the technical surveillance )
These three secret services are the most important in the United States.

Because it has to be clear, that money and power have an inseparable connection.

The CIA is more famous, but the DIA has the larger budgets. After the end of the Cold War, the power of the CIA was cut in favour of the DIA. (The smart reader will now have the first AHA-Effect)

Tim Weiner wrote in his book CIA, S. 547:

„Already during the Cold War between East and West had been spent approximately a quater of a billions dollar for spy satellites and electronic devices for tapping, all for the purpose, to survey the sowjet military. On the papers the director of the Central Intelligence Agency was responsible for that, indeed they were operated by the Pentagon.“

1991: „The Pentagon overtook the role of the CIA, to interpret the photos of the spy satellites. The congress forced the CIA, to accept a subsidiary role“. ( S. 559 )

„The power of the CIA was cut systematicly...1991 the budget began to shrink and the shrinking process continued the next six years. 1992 the retrenchments were realized strongly“. (

Let´s calculate: 1991 + 6 years = 1997
From 1991 to 9/11 there still remain 4 years.

After 9/11, in 2004, when George Tenet left the CIA and gave the order to create a report, to examine why the CIA had such a wrong valuation respective to the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, they got the persuation, „that the CIA actually did not exist any more near the end of the Cold War“. (S.641)
„We had been nearly bancrupt“....

“He had inherited a CIA with decreasing knowledge in the facts, and a secret service being on a way of dissultion“. (S.605)

Some people supporting conspiracy theories blaming the CIA for the whole 9/11 could now argue, that the CIA created 9/11 and killed about 3000 people at Ground Zero, only to win back for itself „the everlasting battle between Pentagon and CIA for money and power“. (S.591)
Because the 9/11 gave the government the reason, to rebuild the power of all secret services in the United States. Everybody knows, that new laws have been created after 9/11 and it seemed from now on, that everything was allowed for the US secret services, also torturing.

Abbildung: Der Pentagon vor dem Anschlag: - Was verbindet Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, die DIA ( Defense Intelligence Agency ) mit dem 11.September ?

Bildquelle rechts: public domain

The question is, which role had the CIA on 9/11? One could blame the CIA for 9/11, because people like to give in most of the cases the blame to the CIA if something is going wrong in the United States, especially if it is not possible to avoid a terror attack. Superficially, without any knowledge of the real facts, we could have enough reasons to believe that. The public opinion is, that the CIA had slept.
My opinion is, that the CIA had not the possibility to avoid the terror attacks, because the DIA had all threads in their hands and the CIA was tricked.

But wait a moment....

First result:
Superficially and according to the public opinion the terror attack of 9/11 was the consequence of the incompetence of the CIA.

If there would not be the fact......,
that the former director of the CIA stood there like the biggest idiot on this world, who was not able to avoid the terror attacks. I believe, that this looser role could not be the ambition for Tenet. I am stating now, that he was tricked by Rumsfeld ( chief of the DIA = Defense Intelligence Agency = Secret Services of the Pentagon ) and also tricked by Vice President Dick Cheney.

Because in the one hand...
The chief of the CIA (Georg Tenet) gave again an again warnings of an imminent terror attack to the Bush administration. But the US-Government did not react. Supposedly because the warning had not been concrete enough. I believe it was the DIA and the US-Government (especially Rumsfeld and Cheney) who left Tenet stay there like the biggest idiot of the world. They needed a punching bag and they let run Tenet in a very brutal mannor in this role. If conspiracy theories are developed, they pinpoint to the CIA. In this case it is not enough reviewed.
Because the following fact is disburding the CIA:
The following excerpt is a declaration of Bob Woodward („State of Denial“) who reflects a statement of the principal witness Cofer Black, the chief of the anti-terror-department, documenting the attempt of the CIA, to give the US-Government warnings of an imminent terror-attack before 9/11.

„We did everything, except of firing off the weapon, which was directed onto her head“.
The head they are talking about was the head of national security advisor Condoleeza Rice.
„CIA director Tenet would had wanted to shake her, but she simply wiped it off the table“.
And also Bush did not seem to be interested:
Bush and Tenet met each other nearly every morning at 8 o´clock in White House. But nothing of that what Tenet said about Bin Laden, took the attention of the president. Bush was more interested in missile defense, Mexico, the Near and the Middle East“. (Tim Weiner CIA S.618,619)

In short:

The task of the US-Government in accordance with the DIA was it, to remain passively until 9/11, to ensure, that after 9/11 Bin Laden could get identified as the creator of the terror attacks. Not until later, the entire surveillance systems should get accelerated. Do You recognize the logic? The following was the device: The more You let the things slide before, the faster You can accelerate them later.
The task of the DIA on 9/11 was it, somewhen before 08:46 (official time of the first attack) within the framework of military exercises (Northern Vigilance and Vigilance Guardian) to take over the control of the aircrafts, which had been led by radio control into the WTC buildings, what should in the end stultify Georg Tenet. Did You never thought about the reason, why the interceptors were not able to intercept the hijacked planes for an endurance of one hour and 17 minutes? (timetable: first attack at 08:46 at WTC1 to fourth crash at 10:03 nearby Shanksville).
Be realistic ! This in not possible and You have to be aware already at this point, that something was going extremely wrong there. All that had system!

On the other hand...
Tenet was already accused before 9/11 by Richard Clarke:
On 2001/11/4 Richard Clarke, the leader of the Department of Terror Defense evoked Condoleeza Rice, the National Security Advisor, to force the CIA to act ultimately. ( Source: Tim Weiner, CIA, S.621)
The evidence of an immediately imminent terrorattack got more and more concrete. Clarke compared the CIA with a chatting community counting on other countries to stop Bin Laden.

After 9/11 Richard Clarke got a massif slasher of the Bush-Administration.

Apologetically it should be mentioned that........
Condoleeza Rice said to the 9/11 investigation committee, that from the part of the Government the harassments had not been not concrete enough, to take action. On the first sight, CIA, DIA and the whole Government seem to be disburdened.

But there is standing an unsolved accusation and now I am making a stupendous step.......
That in the WTC7, which collapsed 7 hours later on 9/11, had been rooms of the CIA and of the Department of Defense. Andreas von Bülow, a former german minister and many others, assumes that in this building had been the control center, from which the chain reaction with theramite and theramade had been started, which was from their point of view responsible to the collapse of the WTC1 and WTC2 buildings. Because I saw so many videos, which gave me the proove, that WTC1 and WTC2 were really destroyed by explosions, and because I know personally a woman who is a testimony of the events on 9/11 in New York I agree with this theory. You can start Your own investigation! You have to search on Youtube under „Explosions at WTC“, so You will get convinced on your own. Unfortunately many of the links, I had on my homepage are meanwhile for any reason deleted. (Maybe Copyright problems)
But I have no doubt, that the buildings were brought down by controlled demoliton.
But: A controlled demoliton needs a long preparing time and I cannot suppose, that they started the preparings on 9/11. I remember once more, that building WTC7 was not at all hit by an aircraft, and collapsed within 7 seconds, about 7 hours after the collaps of WTC1 and WTC2. ( You can see the collaps of the buildings on chapter WTC of my homepage )
But I believe:
Also if there had been in buidling WTC7 the rooms of the CIA, it is a massive accusation, that all this could be organised by the chief of the CIA Georg Tenet. Tim Weiner wrote in his book „CIA“ on page 630, that Tenet was supposed to be a very honest man.
But also like in a speech balloon I am amending:
In WTC7 also had been indeed rooms of the DOD ( Department of Defense) and effectively rooms of the DIA ( Defense Intelligence Agency) and this is to my mind the jumping point! So not Tenet but Rumsfeld has to get accused.

It does not fit together........
that after 9/11 Georg Tenet got convinced, that the White House wanted to charge him for the decision of the war ( in Iraq and Afghanistan). Under the heavyness of this accusation he broke down. (Source: Tim Weiner. S.644)
Do You really believe, that Tenet had the intention to stand there like the biggest idiot on earth? Surely not !
It was not the fault of the CIA. The CIA was not able to prevent the terrorattacks. Perhaps the CIA could had been able to prevent it, if it really had been terrorists like the official story wants to tell us. But a terror attack, just in the week, when military exercises had been determined, in which the air defense was involved is not only a coincidence. It was the plan. That´s it ! Most of the F16-fighters, the interceptors, had not been available. The loyal persons within the air defense were not able to distinguish between exercise and case of emergency. This is the reason why only four fighters scrambled much too late and had to remain in the pacific area in a waiting position to get order. And the pilots had not been briefed about the reason why they were scambled. THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE!

For me it is curious,
that Andreas von Bülow mentions in his book „Die CIA und der 11. September“, on the one hand, that in building WTC7 had been verifiable rooms of the CIA, but that he does not mention with one word, that on the other hand the aircrafts could also had been controlled from outside by the DIA (and not by the CIA).

Indeed it is suspicious......
that Georg Tenet met 6 days before 9/11 the chief of the pakistanian secret service Mahmoud Ahmad. Later it was stated, that the leading terror pilot Mohammed Atta had got some days before 9/11 100.000 Dollars from Ahmad. ( Video
Position 18:30
But the subliminal insinuation, that this payment could have been authorized by Georg Tenet is from my point of view more than dubiously.
Additional advice:
At this point it has to be mentioned, how this allegation came up, because this is not mentioned in the video:
A journalist of the Wall Street Journal bought in a store for electronic devices in Kabul a used laptop, which allegedly came from a house with connections to Al Qaida. The editorial staff of Wallstreet Journal got a suspicion and let the Pentagon and the CIA the precedence in the evaluation of the content of the hard disk.
The chief of the pakistanian secret service had made some days before 9/11 a bankdraft of 100000 Dollars to Florida over an intermediary of the terrormilieu, Ahmed Umar Sheik, a close friend of Osama Bin Laden.
(Source: Andreas von Bülow. S.74 ( Die CIA und der 11. September )

Bülow mentions,
that the CIA, in contrary to the State Department, counted still until some days before the terror attacks onto the Taliban as the ensuring power organisation for the pipeline project in Afghanistan. (S.46)
The project which is meant here is a gas pipeline project for pumping 2 billions of gas from Turkmenistan to Pakistan through Westafghanistan, bypassing the russian territory to support the western industrial countries. The american Oilcompany UNOCAL and the Saudi-Arabien DELTA OIL COMPANY stood behind this project. For me it seems so, that Tenet also got surprised by the terror attacks of 9/11. I am convinced about that, and there are many other reasons to believe that. Obviously he was willing to negociate with the moderate Taliban. But after 9/11 nothing was like it had been before. The Taliban got bombed away and the United States could take access to the strategic resources of the Middle East.

This is a discharging argument for Georg Tenet, because: Why should he count before 9/11 with the moderate Taliban, if he would had known, that these forces should not have something to say the time after 9/11. In August of 2001 representives of the Taliban had even been in Florida to negociate with representives of Unocal.

So I think.....
That we have to distiguish between the leading heads of the DIA (Rumsfeld) and the leadership of the CIA (Tenet).

Abbildung: Der Pentagon - nach dem Anschlag. Weiter unten sehen Sie dieses Photo vergrößert. Vergessen Sie nicht eine Lupe bereitzulegen, damit Sie auf die Suche nach der Boeing 757 gehen können.( Flug AA77 ) Sie werden kein Flugzeug von der Größe einer Boeing 757 erkennen können ! Wenn doch, dann lassen Sie es mich wissen.

Is it possible.....
That it succeeded the secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and the Vicepresident Dick Cheney, to deceive Tenet and to execute an operation under false flag, that exposed him to the marrow?

For me it is very propably,
because Rumsfeld and Cheney, who had been since the Nixon- and Ford-Administration partner in national security politics, had an enourmous power. Both of them had the opinion „that the CIA was little capable“. ( Weiner S.618)
What do You think, how many criminal and hidden operations these both guys have already accomplished up to this time? For sure they never assumed the responsiblity for what they have done. Is it unsurveyed to state, that they created a plan, that should leave all what ever happened behind and gave to them with their immunity the security, that this time also all would lead to a happy end ? Means, that nobody would try to mistrust the official version of 9/11 ?

I think, that
in this realtionship between Rumsfeld and Cheney is lying the key for the solution of 9/11. By the way Cheney and Rumsfeld had been the masterminds of the PNAC-study („Project for a New American Century“), developped in the heads of a neokonservative thinktank, which based on the idea, to bring the hegemony upon the strategic resources of the world to the United Stated.

Because it is a fundamental fact,
that in both organisations (DIA and CIA), exists a command structure, which is impressed by nodding idiots. Does anybody in this command structure receives an order from the government (maybe Bush, Rumsfeld or Cheney), they do not have to question, if it is in accordance with the human rights or not. This became abviously later, as CIA agents were forced to practice more restrictive methods of torture. For this reason, the proximate president Obama ensured those CIA-agents immunity, because they had been expected to be a horde of nodding idiots, who have the duty, to take the orders of the government by switching off their brain. Therefore they had done everything „all right“, because they were payed to be criminals. (couched in free terms)

Actutally, neither CIA nor DIA never took care of the human rights. All the same George Tenet was supposed to be an honest man, especially after 9/11 eager to please the government. (S.564)

But I am afraid,
that Tenet tried to bring after 9/11 something in order, for what he had no responsibity. First he was bombarded with warnings about an imminent terror attack, that it was impossible for him to say, where Al Qaida would hit.
Once more: He was tricked: The warnings were not concrete enough. He could not do anything. This was the strategy. And I am even stating, that the traces came from the desinformation department of the DIA, that afterwards nobody could have any doubt, that no other organisation than Al Qaida and no other person than Bin Laden could be blamed for the attack. The NSA was also tricked, because only a handful persons could had been involved in that plan, and of course the company „Controlled Demolition“ responsible for bringing down the WTC. How desinformation departments are working, could be already seen at another chapter of my homepage, describing the bombing of the discothek LaBelle in Berlin which was described by the former Mossad-Agent Victor Ostrovsky in his book „The Mossad“.

After 9/11,
Tenet ran in a line with the government of Bush, because he was outed like the biggest idiot on earth. He gave the president the dead sure proofs, that in Iraq could be found weapons of mass distruction. (Tim Weiner, CIA, S.641)
And later it turned out to be a lie. The calculation of Cheney and Rumsfeld had beared fruits. They understood to push Tenet in the role of the victim. Respective to the case history of Iraq, Tenet must have been convinced, that the UN-inspectors should had find some weapons of mass distrucion there, because he did know, that the United States had sold Saddam Hussein the weapons themselves long before the presidentialship of Georg W. Bush. (This took place in the first Golf War between Iraq and Iran) With an ironiq undertone I am asking, if perhaps Rumsfeld himself had told it to Tenet. Because Rumsfeld was that one, who already met Saddam Hussein under the presidentialship of Ronald Reagan to sell him weapons. The reason for this deal was, that the United States wanted to maintain the balance in the war between Iraq and Iran. And from their point of view it was always good for the business, if the US can sell weapons without making their own hands dirty. But this is an international problem, like also the germans know.

And the role of the german BnD?

And there had been this „Curveball“, which was „shot“ over the Atlantic Ocean, a „whistleblower“, whose information about weapons of mass destruction were thankful assimilated by the CIA. Tenet, keen on catching every straw, took these informations because there was nothing of importance beside it. But the truth was, that Saddam Hussein had already destroyed all the weapons of mass distrucion. To legitimate the war and for convincing the United Nations, every argument was allowed. Lies over lies....
Tenet told later about this „dead sure proof“:
„This was the most stupid sentence of my life“. ( S.641)
„He stated, that he had proceeded wrong, not because of political reasons or because of a strong desire, to lead the country into a war, but based on incompetence“. (S.642)

Advice 2, which could disburden the CIA:
The inside trades at the stock exchange before 9/11:

Source 1:
Eric Laurent S.46:
Between september 6th and 7th had been bought 4744 sell options ( PUT) on the shares of United Airlines, while on the other side had only been 396 buy options (CALL) in the same period of time. On september 10th, one day before the attack, 4516 put-options onto American Airlines were bought, but only 748 Call-Options onto shares of American Airlines. This volume is 25 times higher than the other transactions normally onto these two shares. And these buys are not justified by special news on the stock exchange.
When the american market opened again on september 17th, the shares of United Airlines had lost 42%.
The propable gain for the Insider: Nearly 5 million Dollars.
The shares of American Airlines lost 39%. In this case supposed gain: At least 4 million Dollars.

Souce 2:
Andreas von Bülow: Die CIA und der 11. September, S.64:
Already ten days after the terror attacks the Israeli Herzliya International Policy Institute for Counterterrorism had stated the following insiderdeals in reference to 9/11:
United Airlines: 4744 shares sold, compared with a normal average of 396;
American Airlines: 4515 shares sold, compared to 748.
Both transactions had been eleven - respectively six times higher than the usual normal size.
Shares of Morgan Stanley Dean Winter, the bank that had allocated 22 floors of the World Trade Center, were sold in a size of 2157 shares in three days before the attack, compared to 27 before september 6th.
Of Merril Lynch, the company that had also rented 22 floors in WTC, had been sold 12215 shares in 4 days before the attack, compared to normaly 252 per day the time before.
Although the transacions had been determined, the names of those insiders have not been announced until now. Also the list of the 38 companies, who dealed with shares and options of the companies, which suffered unter a dammage caused by 9/11, is not published until now. The german Bundesbank in Frankfurt/M. also assumed in their examinations, that a massive inside trading had taken place. In some reports are mentioned advices, that it had been high co-operators of the Bush-Administration, who had places appropriate orders.
But until now, the publicity is waiting for the results of FBI and of FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network)
( =Special Secret Service of the Federal Finance Administration) (S.62)

Additional information for the following text:
Alex Brown Investment Divison was the brokeroffice to wind up the shares of United Airlines.
Chief of the Alex Brown Investment Division was Buzzy Kromgard.
A.B.Brown belonged to the investment company Banker´s Trust
(Business manager was Buzzy Kromgard)
Banker´s Trust was sold in 1998 for 2 billions of Dollars to the Deutsche Bank.

„1998 Kromgard changed to the CIA as advisor of the directors. 2001 he was appointed to a chief of administration of the CIA. (Bülow, Die CIA und der 11. September, S.63)

Kromgard was the number three in charge behind Tenet. He was put in charge to detect irregularities on the financial markets. (Eric Laurent S.46)

The most essential sentence is the following:
„Usually one should assume, that persons would avoid to make attentive onto themselves and therefore in the end to get under suspicion of murder and treason. Maybe members of the american apparatus were lead into a pitfall, to dispose the interest of the public as much as the law enforcement agency onto the persons in charge heading the CIA with the purpose to hide the actual trace to the delinquent“.
(Andreas von Bülow, Die CIA und der 11. September, S.64)

Besides something that disburdens the CIA:
Excalpatory it could affect on Kromgard, that he allowed as the appropriate man of the CIA the transmission of informations about insider dealing with american treasuries to the public. (Eric Laurent)

One shadow howewer falls onto the NSA (National Security Agency):
The recordings of the NSA relating to the activities of the insidedealers had been deleted against heavy protest by command of the legal department of the NSA. (Bülow, S.63)

This all means, that
we get aware, that we have to segregate more and more the roles of CIA, DIA and NSA.
The question is, which member of the Bush-Administration gave the order to the legal department of the NSA to delete the recordings?
According to the opinion of Donald Rumsfeld the CIA had not such a big influence.
He was it who had disempowered the CIA an favor of the DIA.

Everything was planed so perfectly,
that after 9/11 in the eyes of the public there could not be any doubt, that Al Qaida was behind the attacks. And the radios messages or telephone calls, that had been wiretapped, were created by the DIA itself. I believe, the NSA should catch them and run them forward to the president. And the Bush-Administration played together in this dirty play with their open ignorance. It was a nearly perfect plan. We have to think only a litte bit around the corner and then everything fits together very well.

There is no doubt,
that the desinformation department of the DIA ( and all other secret services) can succeed to trick not only the leadership of the CIA, but also the secret services of all other nations. Warnings relating to an imminent danger of a terror attack came from Saudi-Arabia, from the Gulf States, from Jordania, from Israel and also from Europe. But to my mind, the BnD is a criminal organisation in almost the same manner. Until nowadays the security staff working in the german airports are taught by the LKA officers, that Mohammed Atta had bombed the airplane, before it crashed into the WTC1. This is their argument to explain the flash, before the plane had contact with the building. For me this behaviour is fascistoid. The flash was necessary to destroy the equipment, that was used for the controlling of the aircraft by radio wafes from outside. Please see the video of Naudet brothers, the fist official video to see the flash.

And fortunately for the Bush-Administration
existed Bin Laden, who gave the Government with his repeated and indisputable threats against the United States the perfect alibi to create an operation under false flag.
„In feburary 1998 Bin Laden had announced, that god gave him the order, to kill americans“. S.607

9/11 gave Georg W. Bush the adequate reason to say the following unmasking sentence:
"We must speak the truth about terror. Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty.“ ( Videoposition 36:12 )

The only excuse for Bush would be, that he read the text from the teleprompter and that this text was essentially written by his speechwriters. Because many things get simply blocked:
The pakistanian journalist Hamid Mir, a biographer of the chief of Al Qaida, working for the organs AUSAF and DAWN, got three hours after the attacks onto the World Trade Center on 9/11 in his office a message composed in arabian language, in which Bin Laden explained that he is justifying the attacks and approves them, but denies to be the wirepuller. ( Eric Laurent S.251)
This gets confirmed by Andreas von Bülow. It is the declaration of Bin Laden, published on 2001/9/28 in the pakistanian newspaper UMMAT, Karatschi (footnote82. S.278)

How long..
People still believe, that Bin Laden was behind the terror attack?
How long it will last, until people get convinced that it had been Rumsfeld´s DIA and Vice -President Dick Cheney?
It has its reason, that they did not catch Bin Laden until now. As long as he is living and not brought to court, they have a reason for continuing the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would like to silence about Afghanistan, because I think that these people do not deserve to abandon them.

And now are coming pictures...

Abbildung: eine "Verbindung" - von Macht ist der Schlüssel für eine erfolgreiche Operation ! Bildquelle unten
In the circles You see the rooms of the DIA, the military secret service of the United States of America. The rooms had been used by the DIA before 9/11.

Documentation of dead bodies

Jeder Kreis steht für ein dokumentiertes Leichenteil. Wie Sie sehen, hat die DIA die meisten Leichen......"im Keller" !
Zitat Donald Rumsfeld am 11.September: ( Achtung, noch vor dem ersten Anschlag um 08:46 ins WTC1 )
"Ich hatte um 8:00 beim Frühstück gesagt, dass irgendwann in den nächsten zwei, vier, sechs, acht, zehn, zwölf Monaten es ein Ereignis auf der Welt geben würde, das so ausreichend schockierend sein würde, dass es die Leute daran erinnern würde, wie wichtig es ist, ein starkes, gesundes Verteidigungsministerium zu haben".
Und noch einmal erweist sich Rumsfeld als Prophet kurz vor dem Einschlag in das Pentagon und nach dem Anschlag auf das WTC:
Title: Dead bodies in the rooms of the Pentagon on 9/11
DIA = Defense Intelligence Agency
The government says: The attack hit the government in the middle of the heart.
I say: The attack was created in the heads of the DIA.
Chief of the DIA: Donald Rumsfeld

You have to make it this way not to get under suspicion:
Take care that You have on Your own side the biggest dammage and You can be sure, to rise above all doubt.

Left side: excerpt of Rumsfeld before the attack onto the Pentagon and after the attack onto WTC: "There will be another event".

Right side: A son of a bitch, who is thinking bad now.

Each circle is standing for a documentated part of a body. Like You can see, the DIA has the most dead bodies in his own rooms. Decerpt of Rumsfeld on 9/11:
( Notification: This was given before the first attack at 08:46 in the WTC by Rumsfeld)
"I had said at an 8:00 o'clock breakfast that sometime in the next two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve months there would be an event that would occur in the world that would be sufficiently shocking that it would remind people again how important it is to have a strong healthy defense department ..."
And once more Rumsfeld is going to prove himself as a prophet shorty before the crash into the Pentagon and after the attack on WTC:
This is a explanation of Chairman Fox, who sat together with Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz at breakfast:
"And let me tell You, I've been around the block a few times. There will be another event."
He repeated it for emphasis: "There will be another event."
See also CONCLUSIO 9/11
Judicial Watch September 11 Pentagon Video--1 of 2
( Einschlag des Flugobjekts siehe Videoposition 01:30)
Best qualitity
Judicial Watch September 11 Pentagon Video --2 of 2
( Einschlag des Flugbojekts siehe Videoposition 00:27 )
Best quality,1518,416554,00.html
At this point You will find a video taken by a surveillance camera of the crash into the Pentagon on 9/11.
Acustically You can hear the official story pursuant to the presentation of the US Government to the public.
Optically everybody can see, that for sure it had not been a Boeing 757. A closer inspection reveals that.
My advice: If You fed up with the lies and You are searching in vain the switch off button of your loudspeakers, take the video which was published by Judicial Watch. See obove.
This leads to the same conclusion.

Abbildung: Aus wieviel Ringen besteht der Pentagon ? - Nicht einmal 2 Abfangjäger vom Typ F16 hätten ausgereicht, um den Absturz der Boeing 757 "über" dem Pentagon zu verhindern ! Bildquelle: Leserbeitrag aus, Screenshot GIF

Of course You can see behind such a picture a faked one. I did not fake it. Perhaps the Pentagon did. Me not. I only enlarged the picture several times what You can also do on your own. If You trust me, so let us see onto the picture as if it is a non faked picture and I am convinced of it. Let us see, what is the result.
The question is:
Is this white cloud the wake turbulance of an approaching Boeing 757 which is hidden behind the gate?
Or is it the flight object itself?
In any case I am not able to discover a tail fin or any part of a Boeing obove or behind the gate or on the left side of it. I only see a black bush. Behind Bush I see a Cheney and behind Cheney I see Rumsfeld. The following picture is the same like above, I only changed with Photoimpact the contrast onto 80

Program "Photoimpact", contrastsetting: 80

Why do only I see what other people do not want to see? It is obvious, that the white object is not a wake turbulance and that there is no airplane BEHIND the gate. From my point of view the white object is the flight object. If anybody could have had the intention to fake the original video, they could have done it with the intention to support the official theory of Boeing 757. But they obviously have not done this, for any reasons. Therefore this white shadow must be the flight object itself. We could start an inquiry under experienced pilots, who would be able to fly such a maneuver. You see that the flight object is approaching horizontal to the Pentagon. Believe me:The official story must be nonsense!

Only one version can be true:
It had been a Boeing 757 of American Airlines ( official story)
It had been another aircraft,
it had been a rocket
it had been a Global Hawk
it had been a Global Hawk + rocket. This is my opinion, because a Global Hawk can get equipped with an additional rocket.
Sources below:

Picture on the left side beyond: Global Hawk
Picture on the right sidebeyond: Boeing 757 American Airlines

Picture on the left side beyond: A wrong animation which is typical for "stupid" Wikipedia
Picture on the right side beyond: Original source of the approaching flight object

Abbildung: Donald Rumsfeld - war zum Zeitpunkt des 11. September Verteidigungsminister der Vereinigten Staaten und erweist sich als Prophet: "THERE WILL BE ANOTHER EVENT"! Er war Chef des militärischen Geheimdienstes der USA ( DIA ) . Rumsfeld und Cheney sind die Mastermind des 11.September 2001 !

Global Hawk / American Airlines Boeing 757

Meine Galerie

wrong animation versus original picture

Meine Galerie

What is going on in the head of this man? He obviously does not see any airplane. I believe that this man would have to say many things, which would not fit to the story which was presented to the public by the Bush-Administration.

You should now ask by yourself, why all videos which had been taken from buildings nearby the Pentagon had been confiscated by the FBI (1. Sheraton-Hotel, 2. Petrol station,3. Department of Transport of Virginia). I can say it to you: They contain the truth and the truth is, that it was not a Boeing 757 that hit the buiding.
A government, which has nothing to hide, should be willing to show the videos to the public. But only some pictures, taken by a nearby surveillance cameras were published until now. These videocameras took only one picture per second. It had been the pictures you had seen obove. The publishing succeeded only under massive pressure of the organisation Judicial Watch onto the Government.

On this site I want to enlarge the sequences and want to analyze them. The result will surprise You.
In the end, You will have to ask the question, why a german politician like Hans-Christian Ströbele has the opinion, that all this is not a proove and he is still until now not willing to recognize, that the proove could get easily.

1)We know the angle of the impact (Quelle: SPIEGEL ONLINE) (Quelle: JUDICIAL WATCH)

2) We know the position of the surveillance cameras, wherefrom the pictures had been taken from.
3) We know the size of a Boeing 757, of a Boeing 737, a missile and of Global Hawk.
4) We know the enlargment scale of the screenshots I introduced on my homepage because we know the size of the pixel.

All parameters could get put into a combination and one would be able to realize, that it was indeed a rocket and not at all a flight object with the size of a commercial jet controlled by a flight schollar who was supposed not to be able to fly a Cesna alone. This whole story is ridiculous.
If we could proove, that it was not a Boeing 757, we would be quite close to the truth and we could force the former Bush Administration to tell what it really was. But they do not want, that is the reason for our dictatorship where we are all living in.

If the former government had had the intention to fake the video, they could have make that in a manner, that the public would get convinced to see a Boeing 757. But we do not see a Boeing 757. We see the official video, people are asking questions but they do not get answers. This is the reason why I am convinced that we all are living in dictatorships.This behaviour is typical for hidden dictatorships.

The way of awareness could be anyway like this. But the power of those, who want to avoid the truth is too strong. It could lead to the conclusion that we all are NOT living in democracies.
One has to be a politician to find good reasons, not to search the way of clarification. Poor Germany, poor America!
From which root is coming the word „politician“?
Is it coming from „Po“ in the sense of „ass“
(this is now a play of words in german)
Or is it originally coming from the latin word „polliceri“?

Fundamenataly all statements of the governments have to be questioned.The statement that it had been a commercial jet Boeing 757The statement that the plane had been hijacked by terrorists.The statement of the sloping angle of impact. There is not doubt that the airplane approached horizontal because we have the proove of the surveillance cameras and the mysterious hole in the third ring of the Pentagon that nobody can deny.
Because it has to be clear, that the US Government and the Pentagon did all, to make the impact of a Boeing 757 in the eyes of the public plausible. To make to relatively small hole in accordance with the size of the alleged Boeing 757, one had ot create a story that told us, that the airplane approached in a sloping angle (means horizontal but not directly faced onto the Pentagon wall) and also one had to enlarge the hole soon after the impact with explosions. The main explosions widing the hole came from inside (Videoproof FOX News on 9/11, „Second explosion at Pentagon“. Second proof: The wall turned outside how You can see on picture on this page)
That there had been a second explosion after the first impact. This second explosion turns the official story „ad absurdum“. Not the hole the day after the impact we have to analyze but the picture of the hole taken by a camera some seconds after the impact can help us to analyze what really happened. It is a fact, that FOX NEWS reported a second explosion at the Pentagon and this explosion coming from inside the building should enlarge the hole that it should look like the impact of a Boeing 757.
Pictures taken shortly after the impact do exist and only these pictures are significant. And of course all those videos which had been confiscated by the dirty FBI. But ok. The officers who confiscated the videos are also only taking their commands of the Government.
One guy on internet, who is convinced, that the airplane was a Boeing 737 and not a Boeing 757 could not get convinced by the pictures taken shortly after the impact. He believes that all pictures he saw on my homepage are faked. He rejected all what could cast doubts on his personal opinion and therefore all other theories must be false and all must be faked. I think it is too easy to see it like that. Stupid boy from Belgium!

Some people prefer to reject all other train of thoughts, only because they have already invested too much time in their own theory and are not able to disengage themselves from it. They are thinking:
„If it were like You say, all my work I made until now would be a waste of time and I could throw away all my animations and graphics I made in endless hours on my computer. It cannot be what may not be!“
The argument of a visible cloud or a wake turbulance of an aircraft that is hidden behind the gate and therefore not visible is the most spreaded theory among the conspiracy theories. This is the reason why You can find this computer animation also on Wikipedia. But a computer animation is only a computer animation and especially this theory is completely nonsense. Either You see my enlarged pictures of the original video or you get convinced by your own research. You will come to the same result if you enlarge them and You can use Photoimpact to see the shape more contrastful ( use „Kontrasteinstellungen“)
Normaly you can see it better in the original, but I took Photoimpact to make it more abvious to the reader of my homepage. Nothing is changed. All was calculated by my computerprogram. So, what You see on my page is not an animation. It is the real picture!

Of course:
I also can get deceived and on the way to find the words for my homepage I was deceived many times.
It is easier, to reject other thoughts than to be open for new thoughts. I tried to be always open for new ideas and would be thankful, to get advised if You find false conclusions, but please with reaonsable arguments and not with beautiful homemade computer animations.

There is one thing I am convinced of:
To take a source of the Pentagon is always discussable. And statements of testimonies are like hollow words. There are testimonies who confirm the theory of a Boeing 757 and there are testimonies reporting of a much smaller flight object like a „Gulfstream“. Therefore testimonies are worthless.
The only one we can count on are those pictures, which are taken shortly after the attack from a nearby street, from the hotel and some pictures taken by surveillance cameras but being until now not available for the public. But the possibility to be the victim of a faked picture is enormous because they were running through the machinery of the Pentagon.
To find that out, computer programs of specialists must get consulted examining exactly the pictures. To get quite sure, everybody who is reading the following text and who is looking at the pictures should make the same efforts like I did before. Everybody has to get convinced on his own I believe.

If any of these puzzles do no fit together, the whole construction will collapse. Does it not fit until now. It does !

By the way:
If I could convince You that it had been a rocket, I succeeded. Do You really believe, that it makes sense, to let a rocket hit the building in a aslant angle? The rocket flew directly onto the building. And by the way: I did not mention until now the hole of the size of a man in the third ring of the Pentagon. That was the obvious trace of a rocket and this is the proof that the flight object approached in an low altitude fligth. You will see the hole later in the picture collection.
So, leave now all what You have heard as the official story and never trust criminal politicians like Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney as well as politicians, who repeat always the the same nonsense and who are not even willing to invest some hours in the investigation of 9/11. Never trust the medias, which are conducted cellectively by the powerful companies and the secret services of this world.
Shame on them and shit on the democracy. Democracy does not exist.

Let´s go:
Some pictures of the Pentagon after the attack

Picture of a Global Hawk. See the line on the top.

Source Use the fullscrean modus and enlarge it on your own

Benutzen Sie unbedingt den Vollbildmodus und vergrößern Sie selbst !!!

Shortly before that impact of the flight object. Source enlarged from,1518,416554,00.html

This is a sreenshot from the approaching flight object to the Pentagon.
Curious: The flight object is white, but an American Airlines is not white.
Curious: the flight object is approaching to the Pentagon horizontal. For a flight schollar without any practise this is not possible.
Curious: The surrounding area of the Pentagon is observed by agents in the cellars of the Pentagon on computerscreens. Why did the the fighters not react?

My opinion: They could not react because it was a missile that hit the building and to keep the fighters away they had been involved during that week in exercises like "Northern Vigilance" and "Vigilance Guardian". Everything was perfectly organized. The flight object was propably a Global Hawk because you can see a wafe line on the top of the object. This wafe line is typical for a Global Hawk but not typical for a Boeing 757. This should now be the point of my investigation.....

Picture enlarged

(enlarged from from the picture above) Everybody will agree, that the top of the flight object is definitively not linear. In the analyze of the flight object we have to limit ourselves to the picture of the available videos of the surveillance cameras. Everything what had happened up to this time is unknown. A Global Hawk can get equipped with a rocket and after the launch of the rocket we would have to search for two objects:
1) The carrier rocket ( Global Hawk?)
2) The rocket that was shot from the carrier some milliseconds before the impact in the Pentagon.

At the time, when the flight object had been perspectively on the right side of the gate, what You can see on that enlarged picture, rocket and porter rocket propably had been still a unit, because above of this unit I cannot see any smoke which is hiding the bush. If there would be a cloud, it would make the dark bush brighter. I see only this unidentified flight object with a well defined shape. You see that the bush has the same colour like on the picture that had been taken one second before the appearence ot the unidentified flight object. You will agree, that a rocket is hurrying ahead after it has launched. If it would have been already launched at this time when this picture was taken, the rocket must have been anywhere on the left side of the gate or unvisibible behind the gate. But except of this what we really see on this picture nothing identifiable or visible is to be seen on the left, beyond of above. I have to admit, that something could be covered by the gate. But above the gate the dark bush is visible in the same colour like one second before. So, I calculate, that the rocket had not been yet shot off at this time. What we see must be the complete unit of the flight object.
Can You follow me?

One more enlarged
Do You believe, that this picture is faked? I don´t believe that, but to believe means not to know it exactly. Some people see in this shadow a wake turbulence of an aircraft which is hidden by the gate. But if it really had been a Boeing 757 hidden behinde the gate, why is not even the tail fin visible on the top of the gate? I believe, that this what we see on the right side of the gate is the flight object itself, neither a Boeing 757 nor a Boeing 737 but a rocket... Let us use another source...

and now the following source:

Enlarged Also on this picture You can see very clearly, that the upper edge of the flight object is not linear but wavelike. This means that it was not a Boeing 757. And there are conspiracy theorist who argue that this is a cloud which had been added afterwards, because they believe that the real aircraft was not a Boeing 757 ( official version) but a Boeing 737. Excuse me please, but this is from my point of view nonsense. It was not a Boeing 757 and not a Boeing 737, it was definitively drone, a rocket or a missile. If You could get convinced that it was not a commercial airplane I would be happy. I do not believe that this picture is manipulated. It is the real flight object what we see, unsharp because of the speed.

Contrast:100, Brightness: -20

The program Photoimpact is displaing it merciless: Devious nose and hunch. The outcome of this is that it had neither been a Boeing 757 (official version) nor a Boeing 737, but it had been a rocket. Propably it had been a Global Hawk.

JW, Part 2 of 2

Contrast: 100, Brightness: -10

Source was the video above. With the help of Photoimpact I setted the contrast onto 100 and the bightness onto minus 10. But take care: The higher the brightness is chosen, the larger the size of the flight object gets until it units with the blue sky. You cannot deduce the size of the flight object from this picture. On the right side a deducing of the content is also very difficult, because the black border is confusing the settings of the contrastprogram Photoimpact.
At any rate:
The upper edge is always not linear, independend which settings of contrast and brightness You use.

Definitevely not a Boeing 757

Definitely not a Boeing 757 !

Flügel = wing

This edge is rounded like at a Global Hawk

On the right side the black border of the original source leads to a wrong conclusion. This area must remain unconsidered. Also the additional reverse force of the flight object can play a role here on the right side of the picture.

Pentagon after 9/11

Where remained the wings of the Boeing 757 full of petrol? They propably could fly? Mark the outwards directed facade, what makes a detonation after the impact of the plane very propably. Once more: You should know, that the flight object approached in a absolut horizontal way. All these pictures of a surveillance camera can proof this.
(Bildquelle Wikipedia, Pentagon1109.jpg, Public Domain, )
The theory of a second explosion at the Pentagon is confirmed by FOX News (DELETED)
Was videoposition 26:10( Original tv 9/11)
Flash: "FOX NEWS ALERT 2nd Explosion at the Pentagon"
And beside of this: If the plane would had hit the building in an aslent manner, the part of the building on the left side would not have been intact in a 90° angle with the remaining front part. According to the official story, the airplane came aslent from the right side. This is also not explainable with the real facts we can see on this picture.

Picture 1

You can see on the right side of the gate a horizontal black bar. On the picture beyond You can see two bars. This is without any meaning. The second bar is caused by the shadow of the asecending column of smoke after the crash.

Picture 2

Now, much more important is the fact that on the right side of the gate You can see brighter clouds. This is now the additional reverse force of the rocket, shot by the Global Hawk. At this point You should get convinced that some pictures above from here you can see the still existing unit of carrier rocket and rocket. The bushes were black before. Now they are brighter because of the real cloud of the additional reverse force.

Picture 3

That a shot rocket causes a additional reverse force should be clear. Because now on the left side of the gate something special has happened, the white but transparent shadows must be clouds, caused by the reverse force of the rocket. Sorry, but I cannot see any reason to assume, that this is a faked picture.

Picture 5

The quadrangle on the left side I want to see a little bit closer. But I cannot say for sure, that this is an additional falsification, for example to hide the tail fin of a Boeing 757 disappearing now in the Pentagon.

Global Hawk

Global Hawk:
Imagine this picture mirrored on a vertical line and compare it with the profile of the enlarged flight object.

Some politicians need private lessons !

And if the politician, who should now feel spoken to, would be so kind to explain me, why the Boeing 757 makes such a hump, he can try to convince me. Oh man, what a poor country. And I got the following answer of this politician:
"Once I was at the Bundeswehr, there at the air defense and accustomed to observe flight paths of aircrafts and to estimate them. From my point of view the kind of moving during approximation and the picture of the showed flight object on the video and also showed again and again reapeated in the videos on television about the events of 9/11, support the theory, that it had been an airplane and not a rocket".
I say:
In 1986 I got conscious, that You all can plunge your so-called democracy into your ass....into your ass.....into your ass....

Judicial Watch ( Part 2 of 2 )

Here You see an enlarged section of the same video source, one second before the flight object appears.
Quelle: Judicial Watch September 11 Pentagon Video --2 of 2, Videoposition 00:23, ( Bildquelle: )
In this case i did not use the fullscreen modus, therefore the pixels are larger. But all the same it is and remains the original!

In the clarification of criminal cases, the horse is put before the cart. Because criminals often make the biggest mistakes in the apparent negligibilities. It is hard for me to put the attack onto the Pentagon down onto a neglegibility, but compared with the collapse of the World Trade Center, which costed the life of thousands of people, this attack takes a back seat. Because of the human tragedies at the World Trade Center the public did pay less attention to the events at the Pentagon. But this is the point, where I wanted to start my investigation. Flight Nr.77 of United Airlines, an aircraft, that crashed according to the official story between 09:38 and 09:43 into the Pentagon, and therefore 54 minutes after the impact of the first plane into the WTC1 and 37 minutes after the impact of the second airplane into the WTC2. This event at the Pentagon should be the starting point, to uncover the mendaciousness of the american government, already demonstrated so often.

In einem Klassenzimmer in Florida erhielt Bush um 9:05 die Nachricht von einem zweiten Flugzeug, welches den Südturm des WTC Gebäudes getroffen hatte. Trotzdem blieb er noch sage und schreibe 25 Minuten dort sitzen und ließ sich weiterhin von Zweitklässlern Geschichten vorlesen. Er verließ also das Klassenzimmer erst um 9:30. Zwischen 09:38 [ Quelle: Government is responsible for Pentagon Crash ) ( PT3 )] und 9:43 wurde nach offizieller Darstellung das Pentagon getroffen.
Zwischen dem Verlassen des Klassenzimmers und dem Einschlag im Pentagon lagen also ziemlich genau 10 Minuten. Gesetzt den Fall, es handelte sich bei dem Einschlag in das Pentagon nicht um ein Flugzeug, sondern um ein anderes bisher nicht identifiziertes Flugobjekt ( Cruise Missile oder bombenbestückte Drohne ), dann stünde defnitiv hinter jenem Anschlag nicht Al Qaida, sondern der amerikanische Präsident selbst. Dann hätte er innerhalb jener 10 Minuten nach dem Verlassen des Klassenzimmers den Befehl erteilen müssen, beispielsweise einen Marschflugkörper auf das Pentagon abzuschießen. Denn einen Angriff, der mit einem intriganten Hintergedanken gegen das eigene Land gerichtet ist, kann nur von einem Präsidenten angeordnet werden ( und ist diesem wohl auch zuzutrauen ).
Ich halte es für durchaus möglich, daß die amerikanische Regierung den Angriff auf das World Trade Center als einen Angriff sowohl gegen das Finanzzentrum Amerikas als auch gegen das amerikanische Volk interpretiert haben wollte, aber noch nicht als einen Angriff gegen die Regierung. Erst der Angriff auf das Pentagon sollte der Öffentlichkeit als ein gegen die Regierung gerichteter Angriff vor Augen geführt werden. Denn wir erinnern uns, dass Präsident Bush in einem späteren Interview einräumte, in jenen Minuten, nachdem er die Nachricht in der Grundschule erhalten hatte, den Entschluss gefasst zu haben, Amerika in den Krieg zu führen.
Jetzt denken wir aber noch ein bisschen weiter um die Ecke.

In a classroom in Florida Bush received at 09:05 the message, that a second aircraft had hit the south tower of the World Trade Center. All the same he remained in the classroom for 25 minutes and let the pupils of the second class reading tales. He left the classroom at 09:30. Between 09:38 and 09:43 the Pentagon was hit by an aircraft according to the official story. [ Quelle: Government is responsible for Pentagon Crash ) ( PT3 )]
Between the leaving the classroom and the impact into the Pentagon are rather exactly 10 minutes.
In the case, that it had not been a commercial aircraft that hit the building of the Pentagon, but another non identified fligth object, (Cruise Missile, Global Hawk, any other drone) we definitively cannot make Al Qaida responsible for the attack, but any mightful person within the american government surrounding Georg W.Bush.
I cannot believe, that Bush could give within these 10 minutes the order to shot a cruise missile onto the Pentagon. The operation was arranged long before and the presence of Bush in the classroom gave him only an alibi. As everybody knows was Bush president at that time and in this function the most powerful representative of the government. Nobody could come to the idea, that Bush gave such an order. But quite sure he did not give the order. But I believe that he knew something while he was sitting there in the classroom and his instinct told him to remain quiet for the next minutes. If he stays quiet, he thought, nobody can blame the government for the attack. That was the trick and it worked very well for the stupid public.
I am sure, that some powerful people within the government arranged these attacks onto the World Trade Center as an image of an attack against the financial center of the world and against all american citizens and against all people of the free countries. Until the attack onto the WTC, it was not an attack against the Government in the original meaning of the word. It got to an attack onto the government with the attack onto the Pentagon. That is what the government wanted to have and therefore this attack onto the Pentagon was necessary. Later Bush stated in an interview, that in the minutes after he got the message in the classroom of the school he decided to lead the United States into a war.

Bush announced in a short statement in Florida, that the country „obviously“ was hit by a terror attack. This statement was before 09:57, because at this time he was leaving Florida with a military plane. If Bush really was so uninformed, like he wanted to tell us with the word „obviously“, he could not have had any reason to arrange a mock attack onto the Pentagon within the 10 minutes after the had left the classroom for leading the United States into a war with the help of an intrigue.

For this reason I believe indeed,
that the visit of Bush in the school in Florida should give him an alibi for a decision, which had been compassed a long time before. The decision for 9/11 was compassed without knowledge of the CIA director Tenet, because they needed Tenet as well in the role of a victim. The disgrace of Tenet´s CIA was also a part of the game, plotted by a handful insiders of the Government.
Statement Tenet on 9/11:
„If it had been them ( the flight schollars) lord should have mercy on us!“ ( similar )
Because other secret services had given warnings long before 9/11, that aircraft could get abused as rockets.

Bildquelle rechte Seite: GNU Lizenz für freie Dokumentation

Abbildung: Global Hawk: - Eine Rakete, abgeschossen von einer ferngelenkten Drohne des Typs Global Hawk würde dem Profil des Flugobjekts und der Zerstörung im Pentagon eher entsprechen! ( Bildquelle Wikipedia, , GNU Lizenz )

I mention once more an excerpt of „DER SPIEGEL“, which can get trusted.
„We did everything exept to fire off the weapon, that was pointed onto her head!“
We = the CIA
The head = Condoleeza Rice
Supplementation: underline the threaten of an imminent terror attack

The decision for the war was made long before 9/11. There was only the question, how to sell it to the public, how to convince the public that a war against the „sources of the terrorism“ was necessary. An additional attack onto the Pentagon came right in time. But here the curiosities are accumulating.

Once more I want to pick up some of these curiosities with the book „Die CIA und der 11. September“ of Andreas von Bülow.,1518,416554,00.html ( Quelle des nebenstehenden Bildes )

Abbildung: Verräterischer Bus(c)h! - Beachten Sie die wellenartige Einbuchtung an der Oberseite des Flugobjekts. Dem Busch im Hintergund sei Dank ! "Shit Bush", wird Bush sagen ! In Bezug auf sich selbst hätte er Recht ! ( Siehe auch Bild 7)

1) If we look at the picture, we realize, that the aircraft is approaching in a horizontal manner, not even in a position down by the stern. Andreas von Bülow writes in his book:„To fly such a maneuver is a thing of impossibility for an untrained pilot“.
With this statement he is appointing to statements of experienced pilots all over the world. And exactly such a maneuver, where not even the meadow of the pentagon was damaged, should have succeeded to the arabian flightschollar Hani Hanjour, whose flight teacher on the Bowie´s airport in Maryland did not trusted him to fly a Cesna alone. It would had been more easy, says Bülow, to approach to the Pentagon in a flat angle coming from above than hitting it in the ground floor.

2) The profile of the impact is much smaller, in altitude and broadness than it could be caused by the profile of an aircraft Boeing 757.

3) The videos taken by surveillance cameras had been immediately confiscated after the attack by FBI agents. The pictures you see above are those pictures, which had been forced to get published by Judicial Watch from the Pentagon. They had not been available at that time, when Bülow wrote his book. But these pictures confirm, that the flight object approached horizontal. With the modern technical equipment it must be possible to analyze them to get sure that they werenot faked. I personally believe that they are not manipulated.

4) Aerial photographies after the attack are confirming, that the theory of a horizontal impact is true, because in the third ring counted from outside we can see a hole of the size of a man. This should give us one more reason, to think about the reasons for this hole and about what really happened.

5) There are no parts of debris visible shortly after the attack. Steel sheet pieces were found but not parts of a Boeing 757. Or show me any proof in form of a picture !

6) A former flight controller of the Air Force wrote: To the curiosities of the failure of the american air defense in all four cases belongs, that during all these years, when he had worked for the Pentagon, such an incident would had been not imaginable. The air traffic is going to get controlled now as well as the time before on radar screens in the subterranean cellars of the Pentagon. Each aircraft of a commercial airline, that makes an abrupt change of the direction within a radius of 500 km in the district of Columbia, which switches off the transponder and is not willing to talk with the flight controllers on the earth, is going to get intercepted within at most 10 minutes of one from the Andrew´s Air Force Base scrambling fighters and gets intercepted. Why this should not have happened on 9/11 with the four aircrafts, is for him very astonishing. If we had been able to scramble fighters within 2 minutes, we can do this nowadays as well, was his conclusion.
Government is responsible for Pentagon Crash ! ( PT1) ( Videoposition 1:04 )
Bildquelle des nebenstehenden Bildes

Abbildung: Nach dem Einsturz ! - Im Vordergrund die Feuerwehr auf der Suche nach dem Flugzeug ! Bildquelle: "Government is responsible for Pentagon Crash! (PT1)"

7) Nothing is easier than the protection of the Pentagon from the eyes of the public. Comprehensible that all co-workers of the Pentagon prefer to support the official story of the government, that it had been a Boeing 757. Because propably nobody has the intention to loose his job or to get beheaded. I cannot believe, that Bush was not informed of the plan, also being aware, that Rumsfeld was supposed to be a man, whose special agents had no obligation to tell the government what they were doing, always helping themselves in the deepest cash boxes of the Pentagon and establishing an own agency service, nearly without obligation to render an account of something against somebody.
As long as nobody in the western democracies is venturing to mistrust the president of the United States, as long will exist the hate against the western democracies.

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Abbildung: Unweises Haus ! - Stünde die Farbe weiß für die Unschuld, so müßte das Weiße Haus schwarz sein !!
Pentagon Plane crash september11th NEW ANGLE
Gefilmt aus einem Helikopter aber eine FÄLSCHUNG.
( Achten Sie auf Videoposition 00:23 - 0025 ! ) Allerdings bin ich inzwischen davon überzeugt, dass es sich um eine Fälschung handelt . Das Datum 0205 , also Februar 05 und die Position des Einschlags stimmen nicht mit dem größten Ort der Zerstörung überein. ( Bildquelle rechte Seite )
9/11 Pentagon Attack: A Closer Look
Der Autor dieses Videofilmes erkennt bei der Vergößerung ein blaues Objekt. Handelt es sich also hier um das von der Global Hawk abgeschossene Projektil ?
Leider kann ich in der Originalquelle keinen blaues Objekt erkennen.
9/11 Pentagon Strike, Flight 77 did NOT hit the Pentagon
Dieser Film bietet die umfassendsten Informationen zum Anschlag auf das Pentagon. Sehr interessant !!
Government is responsible for Pentagon Crash ! ( PT3 )
The author of this video mentions that videos taken from a nearby petrol station, from the Sheraton Hotel and of the Department of Transportation got confiscated within minutes after the attack and the people were tought not to discuss about what they had seen. Only 5 salvageable frames are available. The speaker also mentions, that the part of the Pentagon that was hit on 9/11 was enforced during a retrofitting measure. You can see at videoposition 00:45 to 00:54 the white mark, taken by a satellite camera one day before 9/11 ,showing the exact position of the impact.
Leider konnte ich nicht in Erfahrung bringen, wann dieses Video aufgenommen wurde, aber mit etwas Phantasie könnte man einen Systemtest des Leitstrahls vermuten, auf dem die ferngelenkte, raketenbestückte Drohne ins Ziel ( Pentagon und WTC ) gelenkt wurde.
Government is responsible for Pentagon Crash! ( PT1)

Identisch, jedoch in deutscher Sprache:
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They had video cameras installed observing the area in front of the Pentagon. Proof:

Abbildung: Du mußt ne Sau sein, - dann lässt dich der Präsident an den Joystick der Macht. Aber jetzt ist es Zeit die Säue auf die Schlachtbank zu führen....

Click onto the pictures to enlarge them. The picture above on the left side shows a hole in the third ring of the Pentagon, not larger than a man. It prooves, that the flight object approached in a horizontal manner. But we have to question if it was caused by an engine or by a rocket. I guess it was the power of a rocket