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William Rodriguez ( Englisch )

William Rodriguez, a hero of 9/11, at the "American Schollars Symposium" on 25 June 2006 in Los Angeles. ( website of William Rodriguez) ( Quelle )

Introduction by Alex Jones from ( his official website ):

English Script:
There are so many heroes here today, so many great examples, standing up against tyranny, telling the truth in the face of adversity. And I talked a little bit about him this yesterday, William Rodriguez, imagine, he was the master janitor of one of the towers. He has the masterkey, the buildings are on fire, he stays in there with the firefighters, he takes them up to the top, he personally escorts hundreds of people out, physically pushing 15 people out of the door, goes back in, and the building collapses on him and he is the last non emergency worker, to be pulled from the rubble. But that is not where the courage ends, that it is where it begins. William Rodriguez was then whisked to the White House, all over National TV , hundreds of shows, he was everywhere, he was treated like a big hero, the republicans wanted him to run for Congress, wanted him to be their minion, he was offered millions and millions of dollars. Then he kept talking about that there were explosions going off and as their skin burned off, before the buildings collapsed on the bottom floors. This was happening. They said:
Shut up about that and just take the millions.
How many of You could say:
"I am not taking the millions"?
He did it. So he did not only saved those people, he also refused all those millions of dollars and they have paid so many of the victims. He said "No" and now he travels the world from Venezuela, to Malaysia, to Japan, dozens and dozens and dozens of countries. On national television speaking to the people. There was not a news blackout globally. He was in Germany, in Italy in England, in Russia. He had been all over the world and now is he here for you today in Los Angeles and what my ... was told me, that it is the last time in the United States, because from his opinion, because he believes that he can have more of an effect, globally. So, one of the real heroes of 9/11. What the firefighters, what the police officers did not want that he makes it, he went in there, the building were on fire, he stayed in there until it collapsed. It is an honour to have him with us today William Rodriguez. William come on up here!

Alex Jones hands now the word to William Rodriguez:


I just came back from Malaysia, where Mahathir Mohamad, the most powerful of Malaysia listened to our story and opened us the doors. All over the nation. And it was a historical moment. A historical moment, because it was the first time, that a survivor of 9/11 goes directly to a Muslim country to talk about 9/11. The effect that it really had onto them: You know, we have criminalized, demonized the Islamic world because of 9/11. Going over there and telling them, what really happened, it was eye-opening for them.

He shows a picture of the slide show...
Here, we have Doctor Mohamad with the “chancellor” of the United Nations. That was the second meeting we had with him. And the press coverage was national, we were on every television show, we were presented there for 10 days, prime time on the news , opening news every single night, and when I left on Friday, the actual comment on national news was that the Malaysian mindset about 9/11 has been changed forever after our visit. Prior to that, I went to Venezuela, in Venezuela I had a meeting directly with the second in power after Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, the President of the National Assembly. He actually was very concerned about my safety. He gave me formal protection in Venezuela. He said:
"You are in a very difficult situation here. We mind you that we have got a news over here, that an FBI agent went asking around in the hotel for the list of the guests of the hotel", where I was staying.
When they found about it, they gave me five body guards around the clock, because they said:
"There is a possibility they could do something to you and in our country, they will blame us for it."
So we will protect you.
And they ordered that a documentary about my life was to be filmed on the grounds of the Palace. For five days I was filmed at the palace, so that they have a historical evidence, if something happens to me. So, it is not in this country alone that they have done that.

To a picture insertion:
This is a march that I did against the war. In New York. I was highly criticized for it. I am on the news in New York. I New York I was the only expert about 9/11 for Telemundo, Univision and CNN in Spanish. And I was hardly criticized on that march what I did. I said:
OK no problem, I will not any longer do that. I will start something different next week.

To a picture insertion:
So, the 9/11 report, well, that was the truck, I was pulled out right from under the truck, You see that black hole exactly under the truck, that was I was pulled from?

To a picture insertion (slide shows William Rodriguez together with George W. Bush):
All right, all right, I see, you do not want to see that picture. I did not know (that this picture comes). When they name you national hero, or whatever, you just go. I had been the media expert for all the different channels, the newspapers. I was writing legislations. I was just the janitor of the World Trade Center. And I was passing laws. I did a tax relief act for the victims of the terrorism, I worked very hard on it. I work on a legislation for schollar programs for the victims and survivors. And they all passed, so I released with it something very positive, when I placed this investigation request. Now I gonna start to talk about 9/11.


Can you hear me?
Well, let me go in the front. (he goes forward )
For those who don´t know me. William Rodriguez is my name. I worked in the buildings for twenty years. Twenty years of my life I was a janitor in charge of cleaning all of the stairways of the North Tower. For the 20 years I was in the building, ten of those years I worked at the Governor´s office. The Governor Cuomo, who was a prior Governor to Pataki. I used to be the one who cleaned his office, I did the whole organization of the press conferences. I guess, that in the most of these ten years I learned the whole process of how to set up a press conference, after 9/11, how to set up the bills, that You saw on legislation, because it was ten years of learning and listening without knowing that I was doing that, of how to deal with politicians. And I guess God really prepares You, he gives You a mission. Really. Now, it has been now five years, five years of my life dedicated to this, five years since the moment I was pulled out from the rubble, to this moment, fighting for victims rights, for the immigrants rights, the truth about 9/11, disaster management, I mean, one issue after the other, against the war in Iraq, that is what an activist does. They jump from one issue to the other, until they make a change. We have seen that after 9/11, these beautiful things we had in the 60's, that activism, was totally erased because of the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act totally eliminated fifty years of civil rights. Now, when they use 9/11, our tragedy, our despair, to create this policy, this agenda, against the people, here, and abroad, of course I had a responsibility to open my mouth, I complain.
Now, twenty years of my life in that building. I just gonna jump into the story of what happened to me that day. I went to work late, and again, I really believe that there was a mission for me that day, because if I was there at the regular time at 8 o'clock, I would have been at the top of the building, at “Windows of the World” and I would have died. So I came in late, at about 08:30 in the morning. I am on the basement, the building has six sub levels of basement, B1, B2, B3 all the way down to B6. Six sublevels. On the B1-level you have all the supply companies for the company that dealt with the World Trade Center. Mine was ABM (American Building Maintenance). That company actually has the structure contracts, as the painter contracts, they had the mechanical contracts.


Our office was on B1 level. As I was talking to a supervisor at 08:46, we were discussing, when all of a sudden we hear
(Note of Webmaster: This is the official time of the impact)
Very strong:
An explosion so hard that it pushes us upwards. Upwards!
(He makes a movement with his hand to point upwards!)
Now, twenty years in the building, remember that, and it came from the basement, between the B2 level and the B3 level. And at that moment I thought it was the mechanical room, where they have all the pumps and the generators for the building, that maybe a generator just blew up in the basement. Now, twenty years in the building, you know if something comes from the bottom or something that comes from the top! At that moment everybody started screaming. I mean, the explosion was so hard that the walls cracked, the ceiling fell on top of us, the sprinkler system got activated, and when I went to verbalize that it was a generator, we hear:
BOUM (he points to the top )
All the way on the top, the impact of the plane on the top. Two different events, two different times. Later on, I thought that they probably did not synchronize it well. Because that came out at the investigation that probably this explosion was to weaken the base of the foundation of the building, to be synchronized with the hit on the top, so it will fall automatically, which it did not. Now, when that happened, screams everywhere. Someone came into the office.
"Explosion, explosion, explosion!“
His hands were extended, and his skin was pulled from under his armpit, all the way to the top of the fingerprints. And it was hanging on both hands. And I did not know what it was. I thought it was a piece of clothing. And then I realized that it was his skin, and I had said: What happened? What happened ? And when I looked at his face finally, I could see that he got missing pieces of his face.


A black guy, named Felipe David, from Honduras, who I did not know, he worked for Alamark, that company that put all the ?? machines into the machines, the candies into the candy machines, and he was located in the B2 level when this explosion happened and he put his hands to cover his face because there was fire. That is how he got burned. That is Felipe David here.
(slide show )
This hole thing was hanging, on the other side, You don´ t see it there, he was burnt as well. So, at that moment I said:
"Don´ t move!"
And I was going to pick up the phone to call the emergency medical unit, it was located in the building 2, the South Tower. Building 1 and building 2 are connected to the basement. And I went to pick up the phone, when I hear another explosion. And that was so hard, that the building oscillated so much, that the walls cracked again. And people thought that it was an earthquake, because it was going under the door frames. I said:
"No, I think it is a bomb!“
And the reason, I say that again, because I survived the 1993-bombing. I was stuck in an elevator in 1993 for four hours. They had to break through a wall to get us out. So automatically, I thought it was a bomb.
I said:
“We gonna get out!”
I took these fifteen people, I led them out of the the office, through the loading dock, through a hill, outside the building, with Mr. Felipe David on my back. What I saw was an ambulance. Out of the building, I stopped the ambulance, pulled Mr. Felipe David inside, he goes into a coma. And that is what I hear automatically:
“A plane hit the building, A plane hit the building!”
There was a Security guard standing right next to me, and his radio was reporting:
“A plane hit the building, A plane hit the building!"
So now, I am at the base of the building when I turned around. You know, if you were at the base of the building, and You look up You don´t see the top. That is exactly what happened, what I saw, the hole, I saw the fire, I saw the smoke… and on the solid I realized that I could not see the antenna on the top of the building. And it came to my mind right away always: Oh my God, the people of The Windows of the World, the restaurant that was on the top of the floors, of that building, 106 floors. I had breakfast with those people every morning. I started cleaning the stairways from the top down. They have an employee´s kitchen and I went in there and talked to these people all the time. Mind that these 76 people who died there, I knew them all.


When I saw that, I have screamed:
“We gonna go back!”
But nobody wanted to go back. The supervisor said :
“No, Rodriguez, you stay here!”
He has three times of my size, a weightlifter, and he said: Stay here! I said:
"No, we gonna go back, we must help those people!”
He insisted:
"No, no, no, you stay here now"!
I took the radio from the security guide and I run inside the building, through the basement all the way again to the North Tower! There was water all over, because of the sprinkler system. Again, why did the sprinkler system got activated on the basement when the plane hit on the top? Think about it! Does that make sense? No! I find water allover, I run straight to the South Tower, where they had the operational control center = OCC, that was created after 1993 . They spent 155 million dollar to retrofit the building and to supposedly straighten it out after the 1993 bombing, and to set up a whole security system. And that was actually the control centers. Now, when I got there and started hitting the windows there was nobody there. There was nobody there, the control center, where they have all the cameras, all the recordings. I found one guy called Jimmy Barret. He was in the other building, he did not know what was happening. I am screaming:
“You gonna get out, You gonna get out!”
That gives you an idea, he was on the basement of the South Tower. That gives You an idea, how many people died in the North Tower without ever knowing what happened, on the basement. It just happened to come up from the basement. Then I found a lady, that worked for the Marriott Hotel, staying in a podium like this, on an entrance of the employees for the Marriott (hotel).
(Webmaster: Rodriguez shows with his hand onto the podium)
She heard the whole thing. I said:
“What are You doing here, get out NOW!"
Do you know what she said?
"I can´t, I am new employee and I do not want to get fired."
It was the ignorance, because she did not know. So I pushed her out, ran to the other tower. On the North Tower again. There is water all over. I found one guy from the recycling company. And he said:
“I hear screams!”
The WTC had 150 elevators in the complex. I put my ear on one of the elevators and I heard two people stocked in the elevators sreaming for help, say:
“We are drowning!”
No (he corrects himself)
“We gonna drown!”
That did not make sense here. You know, I am trying to understand what is going on. And there was all the water from the sprinkler system was going down the elevator shaft, and they got encapsulated, because the elevator went down between the B2 level and the B3 level, ( Webmaster: basement). And they had all the water up to here (shows to its hips). At that moment, and let me tell You, I was never a believer. I was agnostic. I did not believe in anything. And at that moment I said:
“God, please help me!”
And I looked around and I found a metal pipe in an area that was supposed to be clean of construction debris, And I took that pipe, put it between the doors of the elevator, and with the help of Barret we opened the doors. The doors opens this way (he makes the movement with his hands: vertically, from the middle outwards ) , because it was a freight elevator. When the bottom door hit the floor all of the water, that was on my side went rushing in with more power. And the screaming was worse. And when I looked down, it was too deep. And I said again:
“God, please help me!”
And when I saw this, I remembered that in the area where they have the trash compactors for the building, the electricians there always have their ladders they use to change light-bulbs, do the wiring. They always had them tied up with chains, in the loading dock area, and they tied them up because you can go there with the truck and steel them and I said:
"Let me find one, let me find just one!”
And as I get there, Ladies and Gentlemen, the only one that was not tied up, was the longest one of all of them! That was a miracle by itself. It was there to be used. I took the ladder, put it on my back, went inside, dropped it, went down the elevator shaft, opened the grid and got these two people out.


One of them, Salvatore Giambanco, a painter for the Port Authority, I did not know either, and the delivery guide, and he was telling me that there was a huge explosion on the basement. There was fire and they tried to cover themselves from the fire, they went into the elevator, and the doors closed, as they started going down the elevator and they lost power. Those were his actual words. I got them outside the building, looking for ambulance and went back into the building. And everyone:
"Why do You go back, are You crazy?”
I said:
“No entiendo, no entiendo" !… ( Spanish: I do not understand )
But I prayed in English and I said:
“Oh my God!”
So, I get back into the basement and I found one person, police officer David Lim, he was the person in charge of the "Canine Unit" and in charge of all the rescue effort of the "Port Authority”. And he said:
“Willy, do you have the key?”
I said :
He meant, that I had the master key. There were only five master keys in the whole complex. The Port Authority has the other four. They were trained on... escape, first aid, rescue.
They were among the first to run out!
This is the master key, Ladies and Gentlemen.
(Applause as he pulls the master key out of the pocket of his jacket and shows it to to the audience ).
We call it the "key of hope", because it gave hope to a lot of people. I said:
“Let´s go!”.
We get from the basement to the lobby. And into the lobby, the firemen are there, waiting for something they called the "access key". That is the key, they put in any elevator and the elevators on the basement they will go up and these on the top they will go down to pick them up. I said:
“Why are you waiting, there is no elevator. Follow me, I know the best way to go up!”
We started going through the staircases. Now, it was so hard for those poor people because they had so much equipment in their bags, we are talking about 70 to 125 pounds of equipment on their backs! And as we go up, they started bumping against us, with the people coming down. Because the stairways were not wide enough! Look!
( he tries to show a slide !)
I thought I have the staircase....
( he realizes that the slide projector does not work like he wants)
Anyway! I will find the picture later.


It is not wide enough, so, we startet walking up the staircase. And as we go up, we hear small explosions going off.
"Bamm, Bamm, Bamm"
from different areas.
And I said to the firemen:
"What is that?"
And one of them told me:
“I think it´s the gas tanks from the kitchens.”
Now, that did not make sense, because that was a class-A building. All the kitchens were electrical.
All the kitchens were electrical ! So that did not make sense. Where are these explosions coming from? Now, again, why is this key so important? Because a class-A building, the qualification in New York, is that any skyscraper, three doors were not open on the staircases, one will open, three will not open, one will open, so we have to go to open all these doors that did not open. In 1993 the fire department lost so much time breaking doors trying to get to the floors. So, that´s why this key is so important. And it opened the whole thing, the whole complex. The reason I got this key, was, because 1996 I fell down the stairway, and I did not get help for several hours, for three or four hours they could not find me. So I did an arbitration case against the Port Authority, and I sued for the key and I got the key. And it worked. I guess thus, when I got the experience of suing and doing all this, all the things I was doing after ??
So, as we go up, You know, one thing that people do not talk about, is that, and it breaks my heart, it is the amount of screams that I heard, of people stuck inside the elevators and we were not being able to help. People screaming for help. They do ask me, what is your biggest nightmare. I have two, and that is probably the one that I recall almost every day. Every time when I am going into an elevator, I go up to my room over here, it is just in my mind. Listening those people screaming for help. And it breaks your heart, it really does. So, those people never had a chance. As I continued going up one person tells me:
“There is a man in a wheelchair at the floor and he needs help!”
I told the fire department, I went down two floors, to let them know, You know, that there was somebody on a wheelchair, the reason why I went down was, I did not have an equipment on my back, I have no fireproof jacket, I have nothing and I did the staircases every day ! So at that time I was in a better physical condition than even the fireman, because it was my routine, it was my job.


So, when I go down, a fireman tells me:
"We leave the handicapped people always for the last, so they will not impede the rescue effort of the majority of the masses."
We get there, when we got to the floor, the whole unit of firemen collapsed, on the corridor, one after the other, because they could not continue going up. It was physically impossible for them to continue. They took their equipment, they took their jacket, they took their boot, they dropped themselves on the floor. A very shocking moment for me and I said: "Oh, my God, I feel like I have to go alone now!”
David Lim said:
“Where can I get water on this floor?”
I said:
“On the other side, there is a machine”.
Ok, let´s go. We break the machine, taking a bottle of water, putting it into a trash can and bringing it to the firemen. I have given them the bottle water. And when I called my mother from a phone that was working in that office. My mother was in Puerto Rico, but I wanted to let her know that there was an accident and in case that she heard something on the news, that I was OK. When she picked up the phone she said: What are You doing there ? Everybody in the world knew but us what has happening. She said: “
“Get out NOW!”
And I said:
“I cannot! I am helping these people, they don´t know the building, but don´t worry".
And I lied to her, I said:
“I go to a certain part, but I will not go to the area where they have the fire".
But my actual intention was to go to “Windows of the World” and help my friends. That was my motivation, the power that was actually pushing me forward onto the top. Because I knew the people were stuck in there, I hang up the phone and I had calls from my supervisor, saying:
“Rodriguez, abandon the building right now, abandon the building right now!”
I said:
“I cannot, I am helping the fire department, that is my job!”
He answered:
"Get out now!“
I turned off the radio and I continue going up, by myself, opening door, letting people out until I get to the 33.rd floor. When I get to the 33.rd floor, and the reason why I went to the 33.rd floor was, because I had a closet, inside there, where I have all supplies. Every floor I have a little closet with supplies. And I went to take the gas mask to give it to the people that were coming down, because of the smoke that was coming in the staircase . It was an acrid smoke, it was like ammonium stuck in your throat. I spoke to professor Jones about it, I spoke to experts, who said that it sounds like ammonium nitrate.


I am not an expert in these things. And as I was to get to those masks I found a lady sitting on the flour, trembling, no shoes, in a fetal position. And I said:
“What are You doing here? Get out!”
And she said:
“I don´t know what to do, I don´t know where to go!”
She was a new employee, and she did not know, where to go. Now, that gives you an idea, although the WTC did drills, twice a year, twice a year! With a population of 50.000 employees, come on, it should be a mandatory training, that anybody that works in the building, should have to learn, where the exits were. And that was one of the lawsuits that we actually were trying to establish, that every building now, that has over a certain amount of floors, should have mandatory training, because the turnaround of people, getting fired, retiring, and hired, is a concept, and the WTC, imagine it was a city in a city, it was a constant. This lady did not know, what to do. I stood her up, put her on the stairwell, there were people coming down, and I said
"Take her out, please".
As I went back inside the corridor, I heard the strangest thing. Now, on the floor above me, the 34.rd floor, I heard heavy equipment being moved around, You know, the steel dumpsters, when they scratch the floor, its sounded just like it. The first time, that I felt fear through the whole ordeal. Because it was an empty floor. I knew for fact, that it was a hollowed out floor for construction. There was no wall, no ceilings, no wires, there was nothing there. This was a floor, which was emptied out eight months before. So there was nobody supposed to be there. For me to hear that kind of sound did really scare me, so much that I bypassed the floor, the only floor I did not open the door. And I continue, going up, until I got to the 39th floor. When I got to the 39th. floor, from the opposite staircase, there are three 3 stairways A, B and C, police officer David Lim came up with two firemen. And as we were talking about what was gonna be our next move, we hear


The impact on the other tower, and it was so hard, that our building oscillated so much, that we lost practically our footing. And we always hear:
And on the radio:
“We lost 65, we lost 65!”
He meant that the 65th floor collapsed, floor by floor by floor, up to the 44th floor, the SKY LOBBY, five flights of stairs away. I cried:
“We gonna go up, we gonna go up!”
Officer Lim said:
“Rodriguez, you have done enough, but You do not get paid for this."
I said:
“What? I am going up!"
He said:
“No, you stay here. You are still a civilian and you are under my responsibility!“
I said:
"Sorry, I do not give the key to anybody. I am going up!“
And he said:
“Well, you give me a hand with the person on the wheelchair on the 27th floor."
I said:
“You know David, I gonna help You with that, but I will coming right up after that."
So I ran down to the 27th floor, when I ran to the 27th floor, I screamed to the firemen:
“I have orders to get this guy out right now!”
The guy was taken out of the wheelchair, he was put on a rescue basket, all tied up. Three guys stood up and said "Let´s go" .We grabbled him and started going down the stairwell. As we go down, it was like the movie "The Tower in Inferno". Because chunks were coming all over us, from the ceiling, from the walls. And then, the light, the florescent lights, the long ones, that was what we had on the stairwells, because the building was oscillating so much, we could hear them breaking in unison, floor by floor.
Crash, clash, clash…. And we lost the visibility as we go down.
Emergency lights, on some floors they worked, on other floors they did not. Calls for us to get out of the building, we never got them, even though they say that they did make them, on the famous lawsuit against Motorola, because the radios did not work out. As we go down, we make it to the lobby, and when I get to the lobby, what do I see?
The elevators, the elevators for the passengers are open from the bottom like this.
(he clasps his hands together with his arms forming an upside-down V shape)
The doors, the aluminum doors. The indication that something powerful came from the bottom. I mean, I don´t have to be a genius, to realize that something was wrong there, and on the solid one of the firemen tells me: "Please go get the ambulance ready".

Now, the other tower already collapsed, as we were going down. I remember telling the guy on the wheelchair: "Don´t worry after this, we gonna get a beer".
He was saying:
"Yes, yes"!
I don´t even drink. But I wanted to give him motivation, disposition, enthusiasm to continue. And I was looking for a way to digest what was happening, as I was told to get the ambulance ready, I realized that the whole area on my left was destroyed. There was dust everywhere. The cameras, the security cameras were hanging by wire, the beautiful marble, anybody that went into the World Trade Center remember that marble at the entrance that was all pulled out, broken into pieces on the floor. And the only thing you saw was the cement patches where the marble was before. I get to the front of the building, the Westside Highway Entrance, the main entrance. As I get there, all the glasses broken into pieces, there is not an intact piece of glass anywhere, there is no revolving door either. I get to the front, and all what I hear:
"Don´t look back, don´t look back!"
The police had the area cordoned now, from the World Financial Center, almost one block and a half away. And they are telling me not to look back. And what do You do when they tell You that. I turned around and I looked back, and Ladies and Gentlemen,


I saw the bodies of the people that jumped out of the building. I saw, like they melted on the floor because of the impact and that lady from the 33. rd floor, that I helped to escape, was cut in half, because a glass came from the top of the building and cut her half like a guillotine. And I said:
"God, what is this, what is this?"
And I hear:
"Run, run, run!"
I look at the left side, I see the Marriott Hotel almost gone, bodies everywhere. And I said:
"God please help me".
And the only thing I see is a fire truck in front of the building and I just slipped under the fire truck and I, all of a sudden the building began to destroy itself on top and I do hear:
And the truck going down. And all what I thought at that moment was:
"Please don´t let my mother see my body in pieces. Let her recognize my body, please, please!"
I did not want my mother to see what I just saw.
There was a silence all of a sudden, and this cloud of dust came from all over. And then I said:
"I am not dying of being squashed to death here, but now I gonna die of asphyxia, because you could not breathe. You feel your lungs expanding and contracting.
And I said:
"This is gonna be a slow death"!
And all what I have in my mind was the poor lady cut in half, the most grotesque thing I have ever seen in my life. And at that very moment I just said:
"I gonna die, this is it !"
Many of You heard, that I was a magician for 30 years. And one of the things that, You know, and I used to do escape acts with straight-jackets, and all those things, and one of the things they teach You is, You know, to make it last. So that is exactly what I did, I tried to control my breathing, I tried to control my concentration and see what happens.
I was expecting death. Luckily, CNN and Global Vision from Brazil were across the street and they filmed (pinpointed ) the area.
“The last man came out from that area!”
And that is how they started with the rescue effort, I was pulled from the rubble, they were confused, because I have a jacket, that says "Safety 11", it looks like a jacket for the fire department, so they thought that I was a fireman. I staid within the perimeter, continuing looking for people, remember, I am sorry to be graphical, and I went back to the truck to see, if there was anybody there, and I was pulled out quite in the nick of time, because the tires of the truck just blew out when they pulled it out. So I was saved right on time.


I was saved right on time! I went to the area where they had this bridge, that connected the North Tower to the World Financial Center that collapsed on top of fire trucks. I went on there, I saw two boots, I pulled the boots, I stay with the boots in my hand, and when I looked inside I saw the legs of a fireman. And I started screaming, and all the firemen came over to start to rescue the body, but there was nothing else there. And I stayed there for hours. I came out just to get water and that was when I was gripped by the news, that is the news you saw all over the world in those three days. They started interviewing me and I was talking about the explosions that I heard, that person on the wheelchair, the whole thing. That day I did not sleep, neither the following days. I was being called from all over the world, around the clock. And the problem was that the lady from Global Vision from Brazil sent a press release with my phone number on it, so I was getting calls from Montevideo, from Argentina, from Kuwait, from all over. And how one gonna pay this bill? Anyway. After they recognize me, during that time, I organized the families, I did the Spanish victims group, because I saw that the hispanic community were not getting an adequate balance, distribution of the funds, given for the victims. So I went to congress with a group of families to ask for a commission to be created to investigate 9/11. And as we were over there, you remember that the president said:
"We do not need an investigation, we know who did it".
But that was the wrong thing to say to the families, because we pushed very hard, and we got it. The problem is, that we wanted to have a family member as part of the commission, and they said "we don´t want to allow that", they never permitted it, we never had it. Now, we created the "Families Steering Committee". We put a 167?? questions out to the commission, from those 27 were answered. Where had been the others? Then, I was one of the last persons to testify, but they wanted my testimony behind closed doors. Everybody was testifying on national TV. You remember those hearings. I was testified and up until that moment I thought, that we did the right thing. Then the final report came in.
When the final report came in, what a surprise: My testimony was not in there, even though I was wined and dined by them. 22 people that I pulled them, available, fireman, victims, survivors. They had similar experience, were never called.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is one testimony ( he showes a picture )


This is a testimony:
(He shows a video.... Rodriguez translates now from Spanish into English )
"We are cleaning the basement at the North Tower of the World Trade Center. There was something like a bomb and the lights turned off. At the exit doors there was this ball of fire, this fire which came down and knocked us on the floor. We were hit by hot air and the room was full of smoke. At that moment I realized, that it was a bomb. I said:
"Chino, Chino let´s go out of here"!
Chino said:
"I cannot get out because I was wounded. I think there was an explosion. There was hot air, my hair got burnt".

Now, this is Rose Sanchez, I mean, he was available to testify what was on the basement, he was never called.
Chino or whatever his name was, was never called either.
Now Philippe David survived, he was on a coma for 13 weeks. They made an interview for television, national television, and his story went all over again the world, but in Spanish. You see, our story in Spanish is perfect, oh put it out there, we will cover it, in English it was totally edited, constantly.
Salvatore Giambanco survived, his story was never told even though his interview was done for a national TV,
David Lim survived.

Now, this is a reason, that we do this. We all do it to the victims of those who are affected by of 9/11. The reason I do this, is because I lost 200 friends on 9/11. Two hundred people, that don´t have the ability to call for the truth. They don´t have a voice, and I am alive because of a miracle. I was sent to "Governing Institute" to train for political office and when I started asking questions, they all went the other way. You see, they wanted me to play ball. So, the motivation, the disposition and the enthusiasam, I don´t care about anything else, but I want the truth. You see, I had been offered everything, like they said. I had a television show on PBS in New York, they offered me movies, books, what else... I said:
"No, forget about it"!
It is not money. I was homeless. I raised 122 million dollars, and don´t take my word for it. Go on the internet, do your own research. And you will find it there. I did national PSA, public service announcement for the community, to raise funds. I never received one penny. I found myself living under a bridge. Don´t get by fooled, and they said: "This is all image". This is the same suit I had yesterday. The only thing that changed is the tie.


I do this for donations. I am all over the world. We need to get the truth. We need to get the truth. Please stand up, take it upon yourself to ask real questions and make a change. We need activism, commitment. We need you to ask those people in power to tell you what really happened.
They have an agenda. They have used our tragedy to create this world “war on terrorism” which is just a fallacy. Everybody else in the world is more prepared and have more information about 9/11 than we do. Get the facts. God bless you
English Scipt written by Stephan Seit

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