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Like most nations and religions, Jews have been subverted from within. Zionists are pawns of the Sabbateans who used the “holocaust” to engineer the creation of Israel. Millions of Jews been “sacrificed” to create a Sabbatean Homeland, a “burnt offering” to Satan.

Did Chabad Jews Orchestrate Ukraine War To Establish Their ‘Third Khazaria’ Kingdom?
The first Khazar military putsch took place in 1917 in Petrograd. It’s obvious that the Khazars hadn’t disappeared; therefore, one ought to bear in mind that the military putsch in Petrograd in 1917 was organized by Khazar extremists, who made up an absolute majority in the war committees later known as “revolutionary”, in which Russians comprised less than one percent. The Vatican, Protestant-Catholic Germany and Jewish extremists from Wall Street financed Lenin’s anti-Russian military putsch in Petrograd in 1917.

Army General Reveals How Judeo-Masonic Oligarchs, Chabad Lubavitch Jews, And The C.I.A. Gained Control Of Ukraine
A bill to ban the Russian language in Ukraine up to criminal prosecution. All of this is the work of the ultra-Right with the support of American fascists, so to speak — I can’t call them otherwise — of World Imperialism. That’s all.

Such as the Soviet Jew, Lazar Kaganovich — who ordered the mass starvation and murder of tens of millions of Christian Ukrainians during the 1930s, an undisputed genocide, according to Raphael Lemkin, the Jew who coined the term “genocide.”
High-Ranking Ukrainian Colonel General Accuses Jews Of ‘Fomenting Bloodshed’ in Ukraine

"Kabbalism is a system of Jewish Mysticism and magic and ist the foundational element in modern witchcraft. Virtually all of the great witches and sorceres of this century were Kabbalists.
(William j. Schnoebelen, in Dark Side of Freemasonry."

Freemasonry ist the Kabbalah of the Goyim (Nichtjuden).

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